Dietary Supplement Specialist Certification Program

Dietary Supplement Specialist Certification Program

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The Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM (DSS) Certification Program from Designs for Health is an accredited educational program featuring a comprehensive curriculum on the science of nutrition and dietary supplementation. The program consists of 13 in-depth modules that explore essential aspects of biology, physiology, and nutritional biochemistry, as well as nutrients, herbs, and other compounds that support healthy function. Educational emphasis is given to dietary supplementation, including ingredient identification, formula composition, and evidence-based benefits in client care.

*Please carefully review the eligibility criteria below before completing registration. Ineligible registrants will be denied program access and will be provided a full refund.

Certified Health Coaches active and in good standing with one of the following Health Coaching programs:
  • - ACE Fitness Health Coach
  • - Functional Nutrition Lab
  • - Adapt Health Coach
  • - Health Coach Institute
  • - AFPA Health Coach
  • - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  • - National Society of Health Coaches
  • - Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach
  • - Nutritional Therapy Association
  • - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • - Restorative Wellness Solutions
  • - Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • - Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Registered Nurses (RN)

Professional members of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)