Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM Certification

At Designs for Health, part of our mission is to advance the way education and technology support wellness for all. In our commitment to evidence-based education, we have created The Designs for Health Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM (DSS) Certification Program.

The DSS Certification Program empowers health professionals through robust, self-direct online education. Grounded in a foundation of evidence-based nutritional principles, the course content is designed to enhance your knowledge and proficiency in the safe, effective application of dietary supplements.

Course Overview

The Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM (DSS) Certification Program from Designs for Health is an accredited educational program featuring a comprehensive curriculum on the science of nutrition and dietary supplementation. The program consists of 13 in-depth modules that explore essential aspects of biology, physiology, and nutritional biochemistry, as well as nutrients, herbs, and other compounds that support healthy function. Educational emphasis is given to dietary supplementation, including ingredient identification, formula composition, and evidence-based benefits in client care.

Program Accreditation

The Designs for Health Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM (DSS) Certification Program is accredited and approved for continuing education credits (CEC) with the following industry organizations.

How it Works

Course Length

13 Modules

Each module ranges

from 20 - 45 min. in length


Approximately 7 hours

of learning and assessment


100% online,

self-directed learning*

Program Cost


(Credited back for product upon program completion)


Registrants interested in the Designs for Health Dietary Supplement SpecialistTM (DSS) Certification Program must possess and provide proof of credentials in one of the following categories:

Certified Health Coaches active and in good standing with one of the following Health Coaching programs:

  • - ACE Fitness Health Coach
  • - Functional Nutrition Lab
  • - Adapt Health Coach
  • - Health Coach Institute
  • - AFPA Health Coach
  • - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
  • - National Society of Health Coaches
  • - Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach
  • - Nutritional Therapy Association
  • - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • - Restorative Wellness Solutions
  • - Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • - Wellcoaches School of Coaching

Registered Nurses (RN)

Professional members of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP)

Key Course Takeaways

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The DFH Dietary Supplement Specialist Program offers an essential yet simplistic education focused on biochemistry, metabolism, gut health, blood sugar management, immunity, cardiovascular health, stress support, product formulations, protocoling and more:-highlighting key areas very necessary for optimal clinical outcomes. This foundational program will help develop well-rounded healthcare practitioners ranging from certified health coaches and trainers to the physicians they collaborate with:-which is an all-around win for client/patient care. I haven’t seen this level of training offered anywhere else in the industry and can honestly say it would be a pleasure and a gift to work alongside any practitioner who’s completed this coursework.

testi-img Dr. Debbie Bright DC,
MS Millenial Fat Loss & Gut Health Expert

The Dietary Supplement Specialist Program is a well-thought-out training that helps coaches and practitioners get a good foundation on the purpose and use of supplementation with their clients. You'll come out with an understanding of how supplements can help aid different body systems and conditions. I highly recommend this training to anyone!

testi-img Brandy Buskow,
FDN Practitioner, Board Certified Functional Wellness Coach,
and Chief Operations Officer for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

"This was one of the best supplement courses I have had, very informative and well designed."

Kristina R.

Everyone who is just starting a practice and for those like me who have had a practice for over 24+ years can and will benefit from the DFH Dietary Supplement Specialist Program. It was a great refresher and learning experience about product formulation & protocols, biochemistry, GI health, stress health and more! Everyone will gain new knowledge that is essential for a successful practice and optimal outcomes for their clients/patients. I have already recommended this program to my colleagues and to those who are just entering the health and wellness space. Designs for Health continues to set the bar as a true leader in their field.

Derek Johnson,
B.S. Dietetics, BCIH, CN, Holistic & Functional Nutritionist Diplomate, American Board of Integrative Medicine

Program Investment

Program Fee $297. Upon completion and passing of the program, participants receive a product credit in the amount of the program fee for use upon professional registration with Designs for Health.

Terms Apply
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Disclaimer : The information in this course is provided for educational purposes only. It is not medical advice or training. Health Coaches are solely responsible for how they choose to use this information or to recommend supplements to their clients.

*Product credit available only upon professional registration with new Designs for Health customer account

*Desktop or laptop (pc or mac) platforms preferred